Praying for Your Child’s Witness

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Everyone has an influence on others. This influence usually springs to our minds when we think of people following others to do the wrong thing. It also comes to mind when we read something in the news about someone who made an overwhelming impact on another person, that drastically altered their life in a way that is unmistakably seen.

But, sometimes we forget that influence is something that is always present. It doesn’t only come to play when we can see someone following or acting like another person. It is there, like a silent witness, taking notice, yet not saying anything.

Everyone has an influence; it is just some are more obvious and stronger than others…

Children and youth have a special influence that seems to transcend barriers that are put up to adults. I mean, let there be a story about something happening to an adult and another one about something happening to a child and you can be sure that more people are touched by what the child experienced.

There’s just something about children and youth…

Many youth don’t recognize their influence or witness.

When I was younger I never thought about my witness. My husband told me one time that what attracted him to me was that I was quiet and kind and he was drawn to my Christian demeanor.

I had never really thought about my witness in that way. I thought about intentionally leaving a witness, but never really thought about the witness that I left everyday.

Youth leave a witness and I do believe it touches more people that adults- it touches other youth and adults in ways that adults just don’t seem to do.

Oh if youth had a positive witness, can you imagine how many people would be touched. This should be our prayer and is our prayer today- that the youth in our families leave a positive witness wherever they go.

It doesn’t mean taking your bible everywhere, of mentioning the name Jesus or God in every sentence. It means living a life where others see a difference in them and recognize that that difference is because of God.


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