Praying for extended family (A Family that Prays…Series)

family that prays

Today, we continue our series on praying for families by looking at praying for our extended families; by extended family, I am referring to aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents.

Some people are extremely close to their extended family, especially depending on their culture and up-bringing.

There is a phrase that people often use when talking about the bond and commitment family members have to each other, including extended family. This phrase goes like this

“Blood is thicker than water”.

You know, no matter how we look at it, there is a connection between family members that is very strong. We might have disagreements with our family, but we tend to want to forgive them more and put up with their shortcomings more than we do with someone who is not related to us.

If we had to choose between giving a total stranger something that they desperately needed and giving our extended family member (I will be omitting “extended” from here on out) something that they really wanted, we might be more inclined to give our family member the thing instead of the stranger.

Sitting here, I have been thinking about this connection we have and then I realized that there is a stronger family connection than we typically focus on. We often focus on the human family and forget the divine.

Christ came and became like us so that He could be our family, more specifically, our brother. His connection to us was so strong that it lead Him to give up all to save us.

I have realized that the most important bond is not one created through ancestry, but one created through the cross.

“Blood is thicker…”

The blood of Jesus is thicker than any bond. When we think of our family, let us think of them having the strongest bond there is-a

the bond from being one with Christ

When we pray for our family, let us pray for them to know Christ and that they are bonded in faith and not just ancestry. For indeed, to be one in Christ is the greatest bond that will untied all men, through all ages.

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