Praying for In-laws (A family that Prays…Series)

family that prays

When two people get married, they not only form a family, but they also extend their family in the process. Marriage brings in-laws with it.

When many of us think about in-laws, sadly it is not with the fondest feelings. Just mentioning a mother-in-law or other “in-laws” is very often followed up with horrible stories- stories filled with emotions that have no semblance of love.

But, it was love that brought families together. Because of love, two individuals united in marriage to begin their family and chart to their course together.

And it is also with love that individuals in families must reach out to their in-laws and show them something different.

This  difference is born out of love- love for their well-being, not only the physical, but also the spiritual.

Whether we are faced with horrible in-laws or the most endearing ones, our response should be the same. We should lift them up in prayer before God. If they are horrible people, we should pray for them to be more loving. If they are the sweetest people, we should pray for them to continue to grow sweeter. And most of all, we should pray for them to know God.

So let us pray for our in-laws today, whether they are good, bod or indifferent!


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