Praying For Our Church Family (A family that Prays together…Series)

family that prays

Today was supposed to be our last post in our series A Family That Prays Together, Stays Together. However, it has become our penultimate post instead.

Today we turn our focus on praying for our church family. Our specific focus today is on praying for the leaders in our churches.

Many times as members of congregations, we look at those men and women leading out and serving us, but never realize the burden they carry.

My mind is turned to Moses, Aaron and Hur. During the battle against the Ammonites (Exodus 17)  when Moses lifted up his hands the Isrealites began to win, but when his hands dropped they begin to lose. And so, Aaron and Hur, standing on either side, lifted up his hands so that Israel would prevail.

Our church leaders are much like Moses. They are doing an important work in leading out before our congregations, doing God’s work. But like all humans, they get tired, their hands or labour get tired, and their energy wanes.

Many of them are waging battles in their families that we know nothing of. Many of them are assailed by problems that never come to our notice. We all all face trials in some form or fashion, of which our church leaders are not immune.

Just like Aaron and Hur did with Moses, let us uplift our leaders before God. Today let our prayers ascend up to God on behalf of the leaders in our Church family.

Prayer: Dear Father guide and sustain all the leaders in our church family- those who lead out with the children and youth, those who lead out with the adults. Touch the pm and strengthen them as they work mightily for You to see others come to know and love Christ. Keep them through every trial and difficulty the face Dear Lord. Amen

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