Praying for Our Church Family (A Family that Prays…Series)

family that prays

We have come to the end of our series A Family that Prays together, Stays Together.

This week we will be finishing with praying for our church family. A while back I posted “Where have all the children (who grew up in church) gone?” about children who grew up in church, leaving when they become old enough to do so. This is definitely something that we should be praying about…

Today we again will be looking at our church family, but focusing not just on the youth but on the entire congregation.

Each member of the church is assailed by trials. Each member of the church is imperfect. Those are all facts- facts that are obvious when we consider the latter point.

We look around and we notice gossiping, slandering, lack of compassion, lack of love. We notice formalism instead of relationships; we notice acquaintances instead of true friendships. We notice more teenage pregnancies, more divorce, more unhappy marriages, more affairs.  We notice all of the shortcomings in our congregations, ones that seem to be growing by the minute.

But, what is to be our response? Should we wish our churches to be like the other churches we see on television that seem so perfect? Should we wish that the hypocrites and back biters would leave?


When we look at all the shortcomings in our churches it should cause us to fall to our knees. Let us not delay in bringing our prayers before God for our churches. And let us not just pray for the shortcomings in the churches alone, but let us pray give thanks in prayer, for all of the victories and blessings that are also present within our congregations.

So let’s take a scan around our congregations and when we see:

– New converts- pray for them

– Newlyweds- pray for them

– Sick- pray for them

– Parents- pray for them

– Children and youth- pray for them too

– All married couples- pray for them

– Widows, those who have lost their parents, those who are struggling,  those who have won victories in The Lord- everyone in our church, as God’s Spirit brings them to mind, let us pray for them.

Oh how we have seen and known the power of prayer as we have prayed for others and as others have prayed for us. Let us lay hold on this power today as we pray for our church family.

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