Mummy, what is power?

My son loves me to tuck him in at night. When I am I. There with him he usually tells me some story, asks me some question(s) or tells me something about Jesus or God.

Power is one of his new favourite themes.

This was our conversation one night:

Son: Mummy, what is power?

Me: (thinking for a bit) power is lifting and pushing and pulling and moving things.

Son; (before I could even finish speaking. Looking up at the light) So what happens when the power goes of?

Me: Um…(realizing that he realized that my answer was inadequate) well, power is like energy to do something. So we have power to push and pull and move things. The light gets power to turn on. We call that power electricity. And God has power to make everything…

Son: Ok

He has not asked me what power was since then so I am thinking it was adequate for now. Boy is he giving me things to think about and making me strain my brain to answer his seemingly simple questions.

Then, today he told me he wonders how many tiles are in our apartment and the one below us. I told him he has to count them. I really hope he does not think I will ever know the answer to that question, since I refuse to count the tiles!


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