There really is more to life than this! …Find Us Faithful Series


Last week in our Find Us Faithful Series, we had Part 1 of Ryan’s testimony. This week we will be sharing the final part of his testimony.


After my friend nearly drowned and we had our heart to heart conversation it dawned on me “Is this really all there is to life?

I told myself that life was way too short to be wasted and I decided that I needed to know more than just this hallow existence of pain and suffering that I had lived.

Then, seemingly out of no where, my sister invited me to church. I was happy but still something was missing. My friend at the time who would later become my girlfriend and wife invited me to her church and this is where the light bulbs came on. Answers came flooding in that answered some of my long held questions

– Why I am here?

– Why do bad things happen?

– Why all the pain?

Who God is was now becoming clear to me as I realized He was there standing with me.

I had my struggles giving up a lot of bad habits but God kept me along the way. Each time I had a question the Lord would show me the answer and I knew I had found Him.

I was so excited I wanted to be baptized and live for Him only. I now saw a purpose for my life and I prayed and studied the word of God.

My life had purpose and I wanted just to share the love of God.

Today I love God so much and I just want to continue to serve as He would have me, in whatever way He seeks to use me. I am often humbled by how God uses me and directs my life. I have big plans that never seem to work out but God seems always to be calling me to pay attention to the little things

I thank God for redemption in Jesus Christ and an understanding of the truth. Now I just want my steps to be ordered by the Lord. I have found peace and joy that I never knew before, safety and comfort in knowing that my family and I are in the Lords hands and He will take care of us.

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