Grammar Police

My son has been correcting us for the last week about saying “de” instead of “the”. This really is a great thing since I know that he is learning and every bit of learning makes this homeschool mommy happy.

I know it is a bad habit and I have been trying to consciously correct it. It seems like I have a self-designated grammar police who is there to keep me in line.

Well it was not even 6:30 a.m. and I got put into timeout for saying “de”. Tongue out Can you imagine if he figured out that you go in time out for 1 minute for each year of your age?!! Thankfully I only got put in there for 8 minutes. Hopefully I don’t get put into timeout for the rest of the day! lol

And for those who might not have ever heard “de” used instead of “the” here is a song for you

Here’s a bit of craft from this week. I am still working on the website but that is on hold since I am working on finishing my thesis at last.

Collage fish using felt

Son’s fish


Daughter’s fish


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