The children’s first sleep-in Camp

Two Wednesday’s ago we went to camp. It was the children’s first sleep-in camp. Everyone was excited, but I had a lot of reservations-

  • The children are horrible sleepers
  • They like to see and know everything
  • Camp is typically noisy
  • Overnight camping would be something new.

NOT GOOD COMBINATIONS in my book. But we still went.

We had 2 tents and my the plan was to let my son sleep with his father while my daughter and I slept together. But since my husband wanted to go to the night discussion, I was left with both children in the tent by myself.

They played, they talked, they laughed, they sang, shouted and then played some more.



Around 7:30 my son fell asleep. But my daughter, refused to sleep and was up until about 9:30 pm. Then just before she fell asleep, the air bed burst!! So I had to hop off the bed and sleep in a little corner next to the bed in hopes that it would stand up throughout the night.

Then I had to put my daughter on me to sleep because as the airbed got softer she started to play around more.  So I had to hold her in my arms until she fell asleep. After she fell asleep I put her back on the air bed but she was so restless that she kept rolling all over the place-on me and her brother.  My night was spent mostly awake.

Then they blew a whistle at 5 am.!!!! Talk about prayers for the children to sleep through that whistle lol. And they did. But the man blew it again at 5:30 and this time they woke up. Granted it is their usual wake up time, but sheesh what a rough night it was!

I was so exhausted the next day! My husband was absolutely rested. The children were full of energy as usual.

Here are a few pictures of camp.

image image image image image


We survived our first over-night camp and they are looking forward to when we can do it again. The verdict is still out for me though!



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