Don’t be Hasty

On Thursday we did school out in the patio for a bit. After the children had finished it was time for sand play in the “sand box” we have out there too. The children had a blast playing while I was cleaning up.

They had been putting sand in the rain water I had caught to water our patio garden. We have beans, chives and a thyme planted, and we care for these as we learn about plants.

Well while I was cleaning up, I looked up in time to notice the chives floating in the bucket of muddy rain water. They had put mud and sand in the bucket and then someone had floated the chives in there too! I was so upset!

I looked at my son, whose hands were covered in mud and accusingly said “Why did you pull out the chives?” He looked at me, with all the evidence pointed directly at him and said “I did not pull out the chives.” I then asked ” How do you mean you did not pull out the chives. Then who did?”

He told me that his sister, whose hands were not as nasty as his, was the one who pulled out the chives. I looked at her and asked her if she pulled them out and she said NO. So then I asked her how the chives got in the bucket- her response:

“I bathing the chives!”

I told her what happens if we pull the plants out of the the soil and I apologized to our son.

Parenting Lesson learned:

– Take time to investigate.

– Everything is not always as it seems.

– Apologies sometimes will be more frequent from parent to child than from child to parent.

Our Patio Garden


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