Staring at the Son (Part 2)- Find Us Faithful Series


Today our Find Us Faithful Series takes us back to Saint Lucia where we hear the end of Sanjay’s testimony. You can find Part 1 here.

“He was just talking to that guy over there on the wall, they are together…chop him too!! Cut him open!’’..

At that point the man ran towards me with the sword shouting and cussing at me. I stood still. Adrenaline starting to course through my veins as my training prepared my mind to defend and fight. Nevertheless I stood still and whispered under my breath ‘LORD PROTECT ME’. I chose to put my trust in a God that I had only really heard about but had never trusted to this degree. My mind began to formulate which style or technique I should use, but a deeper calm came over me. I explained to the man that I was just here waiting for a friend but he put the blade inches from my face and he raised it up over my head and despite all my training, I was still calm.

I remember reading about God’s protection in times of despair in the book of Psalms. I whispered again ‘GOD PROTECT ME’. As the blade was about to descend upon my neck I looked up at the man and saw the fire in his eyes as the woman kept on shouting at the top of her lungs in the background. I looked him straight in the eye and I saw an overwhelming calm come over him. He relaxed his arm and took down the sword. He stared at me for a couple minutes and was speechless. The woman became silent. He then gently turned around and walked towards the car and drove off with the woman.

A short while later my friend arrived and I got into the car. I was forever changed. I had trusted and I was delivered.

That incident was the beginning of me acknowledging every single time that Christ was there for me and I began then to let him lead.

More and more I surrendered seeing that God’s word was true, real and living.

There were many other instances that followed but they all served to solidify my faith in Christ as I saw the value of a relationship with our Lord. I therefore look forward to everyday to see what he is going to teach me. We as Christians forget to quickly the many times that Christ has delivered us and fall prey to distractions, doubt and fear.

Brethren, let us not ‘fall prey’’ but ‘Fall and Pray’. Make it a habit to speak of God’s love through Christ for in doing so we remind ourselves and others of the God that we serve, His love, mercy and compassion.

{The more we seek Christ, the more we will find Christ}

Many are afraid and unsure of the full effects of surrendering to Christ, but I say to you brethren be without fear, we were made for his Glory, by His power and majesty. He created us in His image because He wants that intimate connection with us. Sin has separated us from Him and He is trying to remind us of the loving hands that created us generations ago before time was. I therefore encourage all who has gotten a glimpse of Christ working in their lives to take time to…

stare at the SON

…for in so doing…even when you close your eyes and darkness can still see Him shining as the SON of Righteousness.


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