The Life of a Pastor’s Daughter (Part 1)…Find us Faithful Series


Welcome to another week in our series Find Us Faithful, where we listen to testimonies from everyday people about how God has worked in there lives.

Today we have a testimony from Grace who blogs over at Divine Babies. Grace is a wife, homeschooling mom, doula, pastor’s kid, and writer. She currently resides in southern Oregon with her husband and three gorgeous children, where they enjoy walks in the woods, wading in the river, reading good books, and attending a diverse and compassionate church. Now on to her testimony.

My home was a very typical Christian home. My parents were actively involved in our church—my dad was an elder (now a pastor)—and they ran a pro-life ministry out of our home. I went to a private Christian school, attended church at least three times a week, and I assumed that everyone around me believed the same as I did. Over time I of course matured and realized not everyone is a Christian, and I eagerly tried to change their mind about that. I went on missions trips, church camp, and pretty much every youth group outreach event. So there is no question as to where I first heard about Jesus, or what I assumed my standing to be with Him. I always believed. I never knew of a time where I didn’t believe. I was baptized at 8 years old. No one prompted me, I just announced that I wanted it done. My parents and the pastor made sure I knew what it was about; there was no pressure or urging me to do it. I knew all the answers in my Sunday School class and spent many a free hour reading my Bible and praying in my bedroom. Everything went smoothly for many years.

 When I was ten years old, my sister got pregnant. I didn’t understand how this could happen, since she wasn’t married (she was fourteen). Clearly I was very sheltered. But when a teen pregnancy happens—in the home of a pro-life ministry director, no less—it’d be stating the obvious to say that our lives were turned upside down. My parents were grieved, though thankful that my sister decided to keep the baby (that “baby” will be 19 this month and is engaged to be married).

My oldest sister responded with rebellion. She always had a rebellious streak, but our parents being pre-occupied with our middle sister just gave her the fuel for her fire. I retreated inward, finding companionship in books, a few select friends, and journaling. Then entered normal hormone fluxes for a preteen (and hypothyroid symptoms, though I was then unaware of my condition), and I fell into depression. Although I had helped to bring my cousin to Christ and encouraged her to “walk the walk”, I found myself turning away from the Lord. I reasoned with myself that I was still a Christian, because I still believed, even though I was not placing my trust in Him.

I was severely lacking in faith, and I was trying to look more and more like the world.

{My cousins were all toying with the occult, and I followed suit.}

While they played with the Ouija board and read Tarot cards, I rejected those more obvious tools of the occult, and preferred instead to simply allow myself to feel and be influenced by the enemy. Some Christians reject the notion of an active spiritual realm for today, but I know all to well how real it is. I didn’t have to work hard to find it; I had always been sensitive to spiritual things, and the enemy knew exactly what to whisper in my ear. He knew I craved power and control over my life. He promised those things. He made me feel special, unique, strong. All the while, as I was being influenced and fighting against my Savior, I still kept up the facade of being a good Christian. But it was a lie. Even while I tip-toed into darkness, I knew that I couldn’t stay for long. Soon I was faced with a decision: to follow the Creator, or His rebellious creation.

I couldn’t rely on my parents’ faith. I couldn’t assume that because I went to church, that I was saved. Just because I knew a lot about the Bible, it didn’t mean I knew Him.

 Next week we will hear the conclusion of Grace’s testimony.

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1 Response to The Life of a Pastor’s Daughter (Part 1)…Find us Faithful Series

  1. Lisa says:

    What a powerful story. I can sincerely relate to the part of your testimony where I had to choose God and seek Him earnestly. I was involved in a cult and I too was aware of the spiritual realm. Jesus never left my side and there was a constant battle. Now I rest in peace as He is my first love. Thanks so much for sharing your story. It helps remind me that we need to know God and not depend on others to tell us about God. We have to know Him for ourselves. God desires to be pursued.

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