Our Homeschool Week in Review

This is what our 4 year old worked on this week.

Our theme for the year:

We have been reading bible stories that deal with plants in some form or the other.
This week we began looking at building the wilderness Sanctuary– cloth from cotton plant, wood from acacia tree.

Adding hundreds, expanded notation with hundreds, missing addend, missing addend to solve a problem using a bar graph. Weighing various objects. Reading a thermometer so that he can tell the temperature outside

Pests, pesticides and plants. Doing a nature walk to see if we find any plants that are overrun with pests.

Eat a rainbow- orange fruits and vegetables. They sampled apricot

Telling an event focusing on description

Review nouns and verbs. Plurals by adding s

Sh words

Leaf rubbings, colouring within lines, painting a farm scene with flowers and trees (little sister is doing animals for her creation theme so they worked together)

Writing/ fine motor
Cutting on lines. Writing on a line. Spacing between words

Fluency, expression (exclamation mark, comma and question mark)

Enjoyment of various songs- we listened to classical music, action songs, children’s bible songs and exercise songs

How are you? I am…fine, happy, sad, tired

Home management
Making brownies and cookies and lemonade Popsicles 

Our patio garden is looking nice. The beans are growing lovely. I just need to get a few more pots to plant some more things in and we are good to go.


We didn’t find any plant pests on the plants when we went on our walk but we did see a caterpillar in a patio.


The children caught some butterflies by sneaking up behind them and holding them by the wings when they landed and their wings were closed. That was a great lesson on patience and perseverance.

Now let’s see how good you are at butterfly catching. Can you spot more than 3 butterflies? There are actually 8 in this picture


They also picked some flowers and leaves from the neighbours’ gardens. They had a blast examining everything with their magnifying glasses. Here are pictures of some of the flowers we examined on our walk.


Well that’s what my son did this week, his sister had a different set of activities. But boy did the children have fun.


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