What has God done for me? (part 1)


This week, Jamie shares with us once agin. This week she asks us to consider the question:

What has God done for Me?

This was written while she was in the midst of her pregnancy ordeal that she shared with us the last couple of weeks. You can read Part 1 and Part 2.

I wrote this down when I was 36 pregnant with my daughter, right before I was off of bedrest. I felt prompted to post, after sitting in church last night and listening to the message brought forth. This is what God revealed to me throughout my pregnancy, but I hope that anyone else going through a difficult time could apply it to their life. When Dr’s told me my baby was going to be born in my 28 or 29 week of pregnancy, God told me everything would be alright. I had no idea how, but I chose to trust Him, and I’m so glad I did.

What has God done for me?

Is God supposed to do things for us? Or are we supposed to do things to glorify him? Hasn’t he already done enough for us, by sacrificing his one and only son, so that we can spend eternity with Him in heaven?

So many times, we still ask the questions, “God, why are you letting this happen to me?” or “God, why aren’t you doing anything to fix this situation?”

Really, what we are saying is, “God, I don’t trust you. Why can’t you let me control the situation? I have the perfect solution for this problem!”

– Why as humans do we constantly feel the need to control things?

– Why do we think that worrying over something will bring forth the result we are wanting?

Sometimes, when you feel like nothing can go your way, something else happens to remind you that, yes, things can get worse. Should we not be thankful for what we have?

I wish that I could say that I have never questioned or doubted God. I know he has a plan for my life, and I feel his presence with me everywhere I go. But I still try and control things. I like to have a plan, and for some reason it is hard for me to accept that my plan is not the best plan.

– What is the one way for God to get me to STOP trying to control my life?

– How can God get me to surrender everything over to him?

He can take me to such a low, hopeless place; a place where I have nowhere to turn, nowhere to put my hope in, but in Him. I love how God can take my weakness, and turn it into strength in Him.

Doctors can only report what they know from their knowledge and experience. It’s not their fault that they sometimes have to deliver bad news, but really, who wants to be on the receiving end of that news? “Why is God letting this happen to me?? I’m a Christian!!”

Going through my pregnancy, I would be lying if I said I never questioned God. I am not proud of this, but my sinful human nature got the best of me at times. I knew that God had a purpose and a plan, but it was hard to see how things fit into His plan.

Stay tuned next week for the remainder of this post where JAmie talks about prayer, faith, strength, praise, hope and God’s unfailing love as she answered this question and encourages us to look at all the God has done for us.

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