What has God done for Me? (part 2)


Last week we began to hear Jamie’s discussion of the question:

What Has God done for me?

This week we continue this discussion with Jamie talking about prayer, faith, strength, praise, hope and God’s unfailing love. To see Part 1 of this discussion click here. You can also find her testimony about her pregnancy ordeal by clicking Part 1 and Part 2.

Going through my pregnancy, I would be lying if I said I never questioned God. I am not proud of this, but my sinful human nature got the best of me at times. I knew that God had a purpose and a plan, but it was hard to see how things fit into his plan.


So many people were praying for me and my baby girl. When I was at my most helpless point, I was able to seek some comfort in the fact that so many prayers were going up for us. I also knew that God always hears the prayers of his people. How God was going to respond to these prayers, I did not know, but I did know that they wouldn’t go unnoticed.


It may sound ironic to say that God gave me strength to stay in bed all day, but he did. He also gave me strength to endure being away from my baby boy and my husband for 5 long weeks. I would normally say that I could never be away from my son that long, and that is absolutely true, but somehow, God gave me the strength to endure it.


Faith can move mountains. I had faith that God’s plan is the perfect plan. I didn’t know how this could possibly be better than my plan for my pregnancy, but nevertheless, I knew God’s plan was better than mine. God told me that everything would be all right. I trusted him. But why exactly was this happening?

I know that bad things happen to good people. Was my situation just another one of those situations where I just caught a bad deal? NO.


The more I praised Him in advance for his blessings, the more comfort he gave me. The less I worried about my situation, the more I trusted His outcome for my situation. Instead of asking Him how he could allow this, I started thanking Him, for giving me another day of pregnancy. I knew that every day I could stay pregnant was so crucial for the little girl inside of me, so every day was a victory. Another week was a miracle.

The more time went by, the more of power I felt through him. Bible verses nearly leapt out of my bible and into my lap- giving me the exact words that I needed to hear at that moment. I started to feel more faith, more strength, and more in love with the Savior that I knew would never leave me. Not only was he answering prayer, but he was doing what the Dr’s said was not possible.

Why did God allow this to happen to me? What was he trying to show me?


Where there is desperation, there is HOPE. Where there is worry, there is COMFORT. Where there is sadness, there is JOY. The world cannot offer these things, but God can.

Why did God sustain my pregnancy? Why did he choose me?

I don’t know why God chose to keep me pregnant. I am a sinner, who questioned his perfect plan. I didn’t deserve his grace and mercy, yet he loved me anyway.

What am I to do now?

Tell people. God did not touch my body on behalf of my child just so that I could cuddle a healthy baby, but also to tell others of his work in my life. To tell them that faith in Him can move mountains. One of the main reasons that God touched me- to share His loving kindness with others. To tell the hopeless that there IS hope! To tell the scared that there IS comfort!

‘What has God done for me?’

That now sounds like an awfully selfish question to ask myself.

What hasn’t he done for me? What can I do for him? Tell people.

I am so grateful to serve a God who will NEVER leave or forsake me, who is ever present in a time of need, and who will wrap his arms of love around me when it feels like my world is caving in on me.

I love you, Lord.

(For the record, she was born perfectly healthy at 39 weeks!)

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