Rebuked by a 2 year old


A few weeks ago, my son was doing something he should not have done. I can’t remember exactly what it wS that he was doing wrong but I remember coming but the bedroom door and seeing him do something wrong.

Ith of the children were in the bedroom and I remeber getting so upset with my son I shouted

“Come on! You can’t stop?!”

Reading that, you might be there saying, well that sure is nothing. But like my grandmother would always say, “it not what you say but how you say it.”

I was really upset so I turned and went into the other bedroom to calm down. When I camse back, both of the children were laying on the bed embracing.

Then my daughter looked up at me and said, “Mommy you did the wrong thing. Don’t shout at (my brother)! You made (my brother) sad.”

Rebuke was delivered.

She was right.

I apologized to my son.

“a little child shall lead them”.

Indeed I was shown that reacting in frustration and anger is wrong.

What lessons have you been taught by little ones recently?

Did you notice the picture we coloured together? It’s above šŸ˜‰


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6 Responses to Rebuked by a 2 year old

  1. Lisa says:

    Oh Momma my heart goes out to you. I know how it is. I shout too and my little ones tell me to go take a nap. They let me know when they think I am too grumpy. They tell me sometimes that I need to pray. They will even offer to pray with me. Thanks for being so honest and open. It’s hard to admit that we don’t always handle our emotions the way we want too. It’s o.k. for our children to see that we are not perfect. Relationships grow out of hard days. It’s in asking for forgiveness and bringing comfort after we mess up that really matters. When we go back with a humble heart and let our kids know that we messed up – they learn what real relationship is. There are always ups and downs. Important thing to remember is to not let a moment of doing wrong define us as a bad parent. We just had a bad moment. But we still are amazing.

    • I’ve never been sent for a nap, but I got put in timeout too! And they have prayed “Dear Jesus help mommy to do the right thing”…

      They are definitely seeing my imperfections and through these, I hope to be able to point them to the God who can change mommy and them and make us loving and kind like Him.

  2. m says:

    Kids are great teachers. I’ve lost count of the little lessons I’ve learned from mine.

  3. Beautiful. Thanks for this honesty. My LO isn’t old enough to start rebuking me, but I am glad that I have that to look forward to – tells me that you’re doing the right thing in what you are teaching them and allowing them to help you on your walk to.. Well done.

    • Thank you. It does make me feel great to know that they are understanding even at this age. It is really showing me that no matter a person’s age they can have a relationship with God.

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