Multi-Grader Homeschool Review

When you homeschool, you soon find out that your children will not fit exactly into the prescribed grades for their ages.

My son is spanning many grades and we are working with him at the levels he is at.

So here is what we did this week in homeschool.

Theme: Plants

The parable of the wicked husbandmen Matthew 21:8-32 

Uses of plants: to make clothing.

We looked at different cotton fabric I have. Then they chose the ones they wanted me to use to make things for them. I made a bow tie for my son


Garlic and ginger- discussing these medicinal herbs.

And we planted a garlic pod and are hoping that it will grow. We did not sprout it in water first but instead just put it in the soil.


Plurals of words ending with y but precede by a vowel.

We were supposed to use something from here but instead I just did my own thing.

– Fluency and expression.

We have some books from the library and we have so much books on our small bookshelves thst they are overflowing. I can’t even bring myself to take a picture to show all the books.

Fine motor:
Cutting on lines.

I found these great worksheets here and here but I ran out of ink, so I just drew my own worksheets and let him cut on those instead.

spacing between words

reviewing correct letter formation

We did not do a lot of writing this week so we did not spend a lot of time on these. Honestly, our focus is not on writing as yet, so we typically don’t spend a lot of time on it.

Continuing describing things.

help stuffing throw pillows I made

colouring within lines

painting– this was a blast. They donned their art smocks and sat in their chairs on the patio and painted. These were the results

image image image

Percussion instruments review. This site explains the different types of instruments well. We also looked at some YouTube videos of percussion instruments. We watched a really nice one with someone playing a xylophone and one of people playing bells!

Review numbers, greetings, age, asking how someone is doing and the responses.

I recently found this  site so from now on I plan to follow along with this, where applicable.

Home Management:
Apple upside-down cake.


Multiplication by 2, 5, 10
Word problems for concepts taught

And here is our patio garden now

image image image image image

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2 Responses to Multi-Grader Homeschool Review

  1. Catherine says:

    Definitely sounds like you had a full week in school. Awesome!

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