Life Can Bring Joy out Of Sorrow. Part 2


Last week we heard part 1 of this testimony by Norma Becker. Today we have the end of that wonderful testimony.

After I had been a Christian for about ten years, we went through a time of severe testing when our son was in the hospital undergoing many operations to correct the proper drainage of fluid in his brain. To our sadness, after several months, he lost his battle with what later turned out to be an inoperable brain tumor and died; however, to our joy, this brought Ed to know and trust the Lord and it also strengthened my faith.

I became totally aware of the sovereignty of God. Because of God’s grace, even as a loving mother I never became angry or blamed Him. I never asked,

“Why did you allow this to happen to my son?” or “Why did this happen td me?”

I truly learned that,

“ALL things work together for the good for those who love the Lord”

– just as the Bible says. We knew God’s purpose would be worked out. We didn’t know what good would come from our sorrow, but God did.

Encouraging Others
Perhaps the part of the good that came is being able to encourage each of you to have the Lord as head of your family. Our family was together for Ed and my 50th wedding celebration and our grandson, who was then 19, said that our 50 years together was a great example for him and he wanted to know our secret. I told him that it took three to make a good marriage: the husband, the wife and the Lord. It doesn’t mean you won’t have differences, but by each of you seeking guidance from the Bible and God through prayer, you will be able to work out your differences.

If you aren’t married I want to recommend that you and your betrothed establish that personal relationship with God before marriage. If you have children who aren’t married, do your best to persuade them that they need that relationship. To you who are already married, remember, it is never too late to have a much better marriage by having the Lord as head of your family.

Renewed Purpose in Life
Now Ed and I have a totally different focus and purpose for our lives. I lead Bible studies as well as attend them. I realize we should never stop learning from God’s word. Since we have the same goals, now our desire is to serve God and to serve each other. Since he is now a Godly person and desires to follow God’s commands, I no longer have the fear that he will leave me. As I get older, if I should become incapacitated in any way, I know he will always be there to encourage me and care for me. I also have the total assurance that we will be together for eternity.

So now, it’s a wonderful life.


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9 Responses to Life Can Bring Joy out Of Sorrow. Part 2

  1. Lisa says:

    You have a wonderful relationship with God. You know who He is and He is so real. Your story helps me see that there truly is a God who helps us. I am a Christian and I know who He is. Through my own experience I have discovered how mighty He is. I have to emphasize right here and right now that your testimony makes Christianity real.

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