Make Learning a Treat

I am part of a homeschool community online. There is a veteran christian homeschooler who gave me some really great advice a while back.mshe said:

Make learning a treat. Don’t punish a child for misbehaving by sending them into the bedroom to read. Instead, if the behave well, let them get the opportunity to read.

This has really been great advice. I immediately implimented it. Since my children are young, they naturally have a desire to learn. I capitalized on this and really push learning as a treat, something fun and  blessing. Now they always want to learn! They do play school, baking school, beach school, art school….we just add school on to every fun thing we are doing. I am also showing them that we can learn something everyday and that learning is not dry or boring. It has been working marvelously! This week, I was swamped trying to meet a deadline. I told them that we could not do school but they would just have play school and they aske me “Whyyyyyyyyy?” I told them I was tired from being up doing my school and that I didn’t have any energy to do school with them. Those days were horrible. My son decided that he would do some science experiments on his own and “make soap” which consisted of him putting the hand soap in the bathroom into a bigger bottle, adding water and a bit of blue paint. image

And it spilled all over the bathroom floor! Today he decided to make “air fresher” which resulted in him getting the lemon oil and peppermint oil and putting it with the “soap he made” and then putting some in the toilet. And I’ll tell you, it only takes a short time for children to get into mischief. Now the oils must be put out of reach and I just might have to move the soap all together.

Today, I did our usual routine so we had music, I tried to do the limbo to this song here. (caution. This is not for the unfit, those suffering with hernias, bad backs or any other thing I have missed! I did not get under the stick once! But I sure had fun trying lol) We had art, health, home management and we baked some ginger cookies and fruit cake, they also did building and lacing for fine motor skills, the tot schooler also did letter a.

image image image image

As I type this he is waiting for me to come and give him some math. I am sooooooo tired. But he loves math so I’ll go and play banking with him. So, I sure can say that this advice has paid off and my children love learning. I now have to let them see that they can learn without doing experiments 😳

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