Homeschool garden update

Here is our garden now.

A cabbage plant.

image image



One of our 12 beet plants








Our patio.


We also have our echinacea growing but I know we will need to put it in a big plant, as well as the stevia.

Our patio garden was used a lot in our homeschool. The children have retained most of the things taught since they had the living examples of plants right in front of them.

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4 Responses to Homeschool garden update

  1. Lisa says:

    What a great garden. The herbs are looking green and good. Fennel plants are so cool looking. We grew one in our front yard over the summer and it took up lots of space. Kids learn so much from real life experiences. My kids love to eat from their garden too. Thanks for sharing.

    • Yes kids learn so much by getting their hands dirty!

      My mom has her fennel in her garden- not in pots like me- and they looks great! My husband was remarking on how lovey hers look when we went and visited.
      …And fennel tastes so great in stew!

  2. Hurrah, for homeschooling! I was homeschooled as well, and graduated as a homeschooler. I’m a big fan, and congratulate any parent who will take the time to do it for their kids!

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