I Once was Lost- and now I’m found (Part 2)


Last week we had the first part of Julie’s testimony. You can read it here. This week we will hear the conclusion of how she accepted God as he Saviour.

One evening I felt compelled to take out my Bible.
My husband worked long hours as an accountant, and it was in the middle of his busiest season. Instead of turning on the TV after getting my little ones in bed, I took out my Bible for the first time. I started reading it every night and I also began praying. In Philippians 4:11, Paul says that he has learned to be content, no matter the circumstances. That is what I prayed for- without ceasing. If we were meant to stay here- then I needed God to change my heart. I was tired of trying to change my circumstances. It was getting me no where.

And so night after night, I opened my Bible and He took me on a wonderful journey of learning the Word and learning more about Him. I remembered hearing a worship song that someone sang at our church months before. I loved the tune and the accompaniment to the song… and the only word I could remember in the entire song was the word “green”.
I called my brainiac husband at work one afternoon, and mentioned this one song to him. He, too, remembered the song I was looking for, but couldn’t remember the words. Within a few hours, not only had he remembered the song, but he found a youtube video of it.

I sat at my piano, with nothing put printed words, and He allowed me to play this beautiful song by ear. I played it and sang it for weeks. I remember the very day that I gave Him my all. I had begun to sit at the piano, and on this particular morning, I remember my youngest was crawling around on the floor in the next room. My two girls were quietly playing as I played.

I remember trying to open my mouth to sing, and nothing came out. Tears flowed down in that moment as I realized that He had been with me all of my life- His prevenient grace drawing me to Him all these years. The words of this song that He had put on my heart to find and play held the truth of His amazing love, His grace, and the power of His redemption in my life. In those moments, I realized how completely selfish I had been, how much I didn’t deserve His grace, and just how much He loved me. I told Him I was all His. All of me… all of the music I made… everything I have. And if this was where He wanted us to stay, then I would submit to whatever His will was for us.

This was the beginning of Him calling me into ministry. About 6 months after I surrendered all to Him, our worship pastor left our church. I began leading worship as a volunteer for several months, and then went on staff part time as the Worship Pastor. I started taking ministry classes to become ordained in the church, and I currently hold a district minister’s license in our denomination. By His grace, I have been a minister in our church for the past 5 years. It is a humbling honor to serve Him through music ministry, and also in many other areas. I can do nothing without Him and I am forever changed by His amazing grace!

You have redeemed my soul
from the pit of emptiness
You have redeemed my soul from death
I was a hungry child
in a dried up river
I was a burnt out forest
and no one could do anything for me
but You brought food to my body
and water in my dry bed
and to my blackened branches
You brought the springtime green of New Life
and nothing is impossible for You
by Waterdeep

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