Creation Activities

This week we started a new curriculum, added in history and geography and upped our spanish.

Our new theme is Bible chronology (I should make it sound nicer) and so we began with creation.

Here are our crafts. I helped my daughter with hers but my son did his all by himself.

Hand print turkey by my daughter


Hand print flowers by daughter


Hand print flowers by son


Turtle painted by son


And not to be outdone I made handprint turkey, fish and flower 😊

image image image

We collecter flowers, twigs and leaves and used them to make our garden of Eden collage. I still have to cut out Adam and Eve to add to the collage before it is done.

image image


Finally we made two globes using papier mâché, but we only painted one. We painted it how we thought it would look based on Genesis 1:9-10

image imageSo this closes out our creation unit for this theme (we covered creation in dept before). Field trip tomorrow!

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2 Responses to Creation Activities

  1. What an inspiring post. Sometimes, I find it hard to fit crafts into our schooldays, but the kids always love them!

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