You can’t do experiments unless you ask us first!


A long time ago, when my son was very little I posted about him being a little chemist and not stifling his creativity and curiosity but allowing him to explore, create and experiment.

Well, it paid off.

Now everyday if you stay outside our home you could be sure to hear me saying “You can’t do experiments on your own without daddy or me knowing.”

Within the last 7 days, we have had:
– a fan pasted with cream
– bubble solution mixed with ALL of my peppermint oil because “I wanted it to smell good ”
– floor in his bedroom greased with coconut oil during nap time
– cup of water with toilet paper dissolved in it
– filling a ruler with oil

And those are just the ones I remember 😁😀.

Some of his more fun ones have included him:
– filling the toothpaste tube with water
– mixing my oils with water
– pouring water in my plant pot and scooping out the mud to make mud balls/ play dough (unfortunately they have allergies so we have to make our own gluten and soy free play dough and that is not very often. I should really make some more this week.)

– putting Apple cider vinegar in the bottled water we were taking out on our road trip. I had the unfortunate experinice of being the one to drink apple cider water 😠. Lol.

Thank goodness we don’t keep strong chemical in the house. But still, I warn him about doing experiments without permission- and I have to specify permission.

Tonight in the bathroom he told me he wanted to mix oil and water to make “what do you call it again mommy when it looks cloudy? Emulsifica…?”

“Emulsion,” I chimed in.

“Thanks. I want to make emulsion,” he said with his usual big, excited smile.

“And how do you make that?” I asked him.

“By shaking it a lot.”

I had a 12oz bottle of coconut oil on the bathroom counter and I quickly moved it and sent him to bed.

Now I guess that is on our experiment list for tomorrow along with one for Thursday.

And he has  even set up the experiment for tomorrow.


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