praying man

A long time ago I had decided to turn off my phone around noon and use that time to pray for my children, our family and my work as a mother. This was when both children were napping.

But somehow, with my son no longer napping and me having to constantly tell him to be quiet and not wake his sister, plus me wanting some down time during the day…and a million other reasons which sum to nothing, I stopped praying at noon.

This week, I asked God to help me carve out some time to pray and reflect on His goodness.

Unlike before, when I first started doing this, I don’t have quiet time to myself to spend with God.

Instead, I lay in bed with my daughter and silently pray and reflect on God and our lives. All the while my son is kicking the walls, flipping, bouncing, singing or doing some other thing (albeit extremely quiet all things considered lol) instead of resting.

My life isn’t getting less busy. If I want to spend time with God during the dayI have to make that time.

And I need it during the middle of the day. After a busy morning, I need to rejuvenate with God so that I can finish out the rest of the day.

I’ve been blessed for sure this week with more patience and peace. Thank You God!

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