Today we had Pool School. We always enjoy when we have Pool School  (and notice I said WE and not they).

I set everything up early this morning and was all excited to fill the pool. I knew the water would be very cold so I had plans to sick the hose onto the hot water pipe and half fill it with hot water.

Great plan.

Well turns out that I COULD NOT GET THE PIPE UNSCREWED! So I had to add bottles of hot water into the pool. That took FOREVER!

But despite that snag, we had a blast.

Today we had bible, history, geography, story, music and Latin in the pool. My daughter did number 7 and my son did some comprehension as well.

We baked pumpkin bread and tried a pumpkin pie but it didn’t turn out so great. We’ll regroup and try again on Thursday.

Our focus in Bible this week is consequences of choice and we looked at Adam and Eve’s choices and how they suffered the consequences of their choices. We’ll continue this thought by looking at how our choices also affect others, focusing on how Adam’s choice affected the entire human race.


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