History Lesson involving Me!

Yesterday I decided to do a lesson with a listening bingo set that my neighbour loaned me, along with a radio she loaned me as well.

I was excited to do the activity since she had told me that it was a nice one.


So I got out the radio no my daughter aasked,

” What is that? Is that a speaker?”

I told her it was a radio and she looked at me a bit puzzled like she had never seen these ancient things called radios. And she hadn’t see one since she was an infant since ours stopped working and we never got another one since we have a tablet and we just us tht to play music instead.

Then I took out the cassettes and then they both wanted to know what those things were.

I went into on explanation about how “this is what we used to listen to music on when mummy was a girl. Look at the dark brown thing in the middle of the cassette. It is the tape where they store or keot the music on some can listen to it.”

One of the cassettes were popped so I got the tape and stuck it. Talk about excitement!


Then I showed them how to open the part that plays the cassettes and the the little things in there that spin. I let them put their hands in and spin them. Then I used a pencil to wind the tap and told them that “those spinny things in the radio, wind the cassettes and move the tape. Then when the tape moves in the radio, the music is played”.

They absolutely enjoyed using the radio to play the cassette and they activity went splendidly. I think it possibly was due to the fct that we were using these “prehistoric” machines lol.

Now for sure I know that I am getting old-ish.


So what have you told your children about that made them look at you like you lived in the “way back when”?

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