During nap time my son gets into mischief. Sigh.

On Wednesday, while laying in bed with his I heard his door open then close a few seconds later. I did not envision what I found but I did think he was up to something.

Knowing his love for experimenting, I moved the bubble bath, body wash and oil out of reach (ok I hid them so he couldn’t find them no matter what) but somehow he still got into mischief.

He went to the school supplies and got a bottle of white glue, a tub of unopened yellow glitter and a star from the beach toys and mixed the glitter and glue together to make “pudding”.

I came in the bedroom after his sister was asleep only to find him glistening, or rather sparkling since he was covered in glitter, the bed was covered, the floor was covered!

He got punished- experiment was taken away which was like torture to him.

Then on Thursday I came out just in time to see him taking the huge bottle of cooking oil into his bedroom. He stopped in his tracks, eyes wide opened, completely shocked that I had come out at that moment.

“What are you doing?” I asked “I am sure I told you before I went in with your sister, that you were NOT to come out and do any experiments until I came to you….(silence and the deer in headlights look plastered on his face.) Go and rest!”

This is what I found in the bathroom- he mixed the glitter/glue pudding from yesterday with body wash and water and put it in 2 bottles. I forgot to mention that they added raisins to it in the evening.




No matter how many times I warn him he still finds something to get into to during nap time.

Then I was reminded of myself and how I am with my Father. He warns me and yet I still choose to follow my own way…

Lord save me!

And so I once again have learned an eternal lesson from my children- of my sin and God’s unfailing love to me.

Thank you God for these lesson I am learning everyday!

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