23-27 February Week in Review

Whew! What a week!

This week we had two major events- sports day and an agricultural festival. Talk about draining.

For  the sports day we were able to get back home before 1:00pm so that my daughter could nap. Today however, we did not make it home until 6:00 pm. What that meant was NO NAP!

For those of you with children who sells well, this is no big deal for you. But for those of us whose children are horrible sleepers this is almost a crime!

Nonetheless, we survived the day and I must say that the children had a blast. And best of all Daddy was there on this field trip! He usually misses the fun unless we do them in the vacation or on the weekend.

Our field trip was also excellent in helping to review all the we have learned over the last 4 weeks of this school year.

For bible we talked about creation, how Adam and Eve were to take care of the garden and the animals, how sin entered and caused things to die and offering a sacrifice for sin.

Here are a few pictures of some of the things we saw at the festival:


image image






image image

This week in Bible we looked at the sacrifice for sin and as well as Cain and Abel. Through this topic we were able to focus on choices and consequences and the children learned a lot about this 

Our craft for art this week was making standing lambs for the sacrifice. We were supposed to make stone altars but we will do that on Sunday morning first thing.


And we we also had an impromptu clothing painting session- to cover stains 😉

image image image

Well that was our busy week.

How was your week?

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