His Precious One



Today I am linking up to a story by Kamea about depression.

depression newWhen I was just five years old, my life was completely shattered through the selfishness of others. The boys who robbed me of my innocence were not the only perpetrators. In my post Innocence Punished, I shared how the harsh discipline and lack of protection in my family taught me that the world was an unsafe place. I came to believe that I could trust no one, and that I was not worthy of being loved or protected.

Violent nightmares would rip me from sleep, and I would lay in the dark of my bedroom shaking in fear. Crying silently, all alone. During the day, I hid my secrets behind empty smiles.

I tried to convince myself that I was fine, but in reality my life was an empty shell. I trusted no one, so had no real friends.

To read the rest of this story click here

Be sure to return Wednesday 4 March 2015 where we will hear another post in our depression series.

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