Labours of Love-Bookmarks for Children with Cancer

labours fo love

A long time ago I decided to get my family involved in doing things for others. We’ve been doing some simple things over the last months. I have been very inspired to get the children involved in our Labours of Love.

So far this year they have given books to the library. You should have seen how excited they were when they went up to the librarian and said “I brought these books to give to the library.”

imageLast week we read Kathy’s Hats and it was a very touching story about a little girl’s battle with cancer. My son really enjoyed it and at the end he told me he wanted us to make bookmarks for the children with cancer. We plan to start making them starting this Sunday with daddy and then finishing up during the week. You can’t imagine how it touched me to see my 5 year old son thinking about what he could do to help others! My mommy heart is dancing!

So will you join my family on Sunday 15 March 2015 in making at least 3 bookmarks for children with cancer?

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