Blame, Guilty and Peace

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image Today Lauren from Let Faith Grow shares her story about depression.

I am not in any position to tell anyone how depression works. I don’t know how depression works. I just know I was healed from it. The Lord knew I was hurting, even when no one acknowledged my pain, He did. I mattered to Him and His love healed me. He knows my name.

I was twenty three years old with two babies two years apart. How blessed was I! Except I felt anything but blessed, I honestly felt cursed. My babies were planned, I wanted this. At least I thought I did.

I would confess my desperation to anyone who would listen. Not because I meant to or even wanted to, but because I was so filled with despair that it would just spill out of my mouth. Fortunately typing requires more thought, otherwise all of social media would have known my secret.

My mother was in remission from breast cancer and my sister had just had a miscarriage. My depression seemed like a joke in comparison, even to myself. Stories I would share about my daily life were always considered humorous, I was told “Ha-ha. Oh Lauren, you did this to yourself”.

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