Quiet Time For Kids

imageToday for our Aptil 2015 Parenting Weekend, Kaylie looks at this month’s topic “Setting Boundaries vs Stiffling Individuality” by talking about how she enforce quiet time- a sanity saving time that I completely understand.

So who is Kaylie?

Kaylie Hodges is a wife to an amazing husband and mom of five sweet babies under five. She has three bio daughters and two adopted sons. She is a Truth Seeker, a Jesus Follower, and a Strong Coffee Drinker. Kaylie blogs about faith, family and funnies at KaylieHodges.com.


My kids are rustling quietly around in their beds. It’s rest time at our house, and it is a rare day indeed that we can’t set our clock by rest time. Considering I lean in the direction of free range parenting, this strict enforcing of quiet time could seem a little strange. As a parent that believes in big doses of freedom, why would I make my kids stay quiet in such confined space for a chunk of our day?

Why such fervency of structure?

Well for one, my sanity. Let’s be real here, parenting is hard and we all have limits. Knowing and honoring those limits can make us better parents. Which could sound selfish…until you consider that your kids have limits too.

Yes, some of my kids are past the napping age and no they don’t all want to do quiet time, so this is an enforced boundary that goes against their personal freedom so I need a pretty good reason to stick with quiet time. Why do it?

I have this crazy belief that limits enhance our personal expression instead of suppress it. This belief pulses its way into our lives in various forms, but none so pronounced as quiet time.

The fact is everyday life requires an immense amount of creativity, especially for kids. Kids express themselves by playing with toys, resolving conflict, and imaginative play. Basically, their whole day is self-discovery.

How does setting this boundary enhance self expression?

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