Mom Your Rules are Unfair

imageWe have come to our last post in our April 2015 Parenting Weekend. Next month’s topic is Helping Children Build A Strong Sense Of Self Worth

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Today, our series co-host Lisa shares abut this topic of Boundaries versus individuality. Be sure to head over to Lisa’s blog Me Too Moments for Moms.

Being a Mom sometimes feels like being a Drill Sargent. There are those days where I have to remind myself that I’m the parent and not their friend.

They may think that my rules are one-sided, but their attitudes are lopsided.

I will not argue with my six and five year old. It would be so much easier to give into their demands. But they need to know that rules are non-negotiable.

I fear that my kids will go astray if I don’t teach them in the way they should go. I believe a home needs boundaries and a firm foundation to stand on.

Our solid rock that we live on is the Holy Bible.

I will do whatever it takes to protect them from the snares of this world. Our world is filled with traps just waiting for my loved ones to fall in. They will literally be devoured if they don’t know what to watch out for or how to act in defense.

I want my children to learn to fight for themselves, but first they must see that they are worth fighting for. Boundaries keep children safe. When children feel safe they feel valued and cared for.

What are Boundaries?

There are many ways to define boundaries. It’s a dividing line. Or border, frontier, borderline, partition, and fence line, a cutoff point. They can be described as limits, parameters, margins, and edges.

Not only do we have landmark boundaries, but we have personal boundaries.

A personal boundary is where one begins and where one ends. Therefore a person needs to know where they came from, who they are, where they are going and where they will end up when they get there.

Boundaries help us live within our parameters. One must know their cutoff point, protect themselves by standing firm, say no to temptations, fears, and peer pressure. A person with boundaries accepts who they are, cares deeply about the well-being of others as themselves.

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1 Response to Mom Your Rules are Unfair

  1. frogsandmoons says:

    Love this! God entrusts us to raise our children, so it’s our job to instill boundaries and protect them fiercely! Good post fellow mama

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