Your Value is Infinite


Today’s post is shared by myself. This post just one of the post shared in our Parenting Weekend Series, co-hosted by Me Too Moments and Gods Character. You can all of the posts for May 2015 here and the entire series here.

I have noticed that there are some people who measure the worth of a person based on what they can do, what they have or who they are.

I remember growing up being ashamed of people knowing where I lived because I was poor and lived in a very tiny and old house. It was only later on in life that I realized that I had problems with understanding self worth. I had thought that what I had or didn’t have defined me and my worth was bound up in that. This way of thinking robbed me of living my life to the fullest because I wasn’t really living but rather, I was worrying about what people thought.

I believe that having this wrong view of self worth often plays out in two ways- people either feel that if they don’t have certain things or can’t do certain things that they are worthless.  Other strive with all of their might to achieve things, get good at something so that they can ‘be someone important’. Oh how sadly they are mistaken…

I try to teach my children that an infinite value has been placed on their lives and everyone’s life. They are no better than anyone and no one is better than them. God placed the same value on each person’s life. That is why He gave His Son to die for each and everyone of us.

Teaching my children about self worth revolves around me teaching them about how God views them. It revolves around me teaching them that God views everyone of infinite worth.

I want my children to see that everyone is special and precious. I want them to know that things don’t define our value. Daily I teach them about the plan of Salvation because I want them to always remember this one thing:


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