Give Me Jesus


In the morning when I rise

Life is hectic.

Sometimes, before you can open your eyes too good, a list of all the things that you ‘have to do’ swirls around in your head. It seems like you have to start your day running.

You might have to rush to get ready for work, make breakfast, prepare for school etc. and you just don’t have enough time to get it done.

This is how I have felt, more so for the last several weeks. And amazingly with all of my rushing I always found time to feed my body. But, admittedly there were mornings I did not feed my soul. I just hopped out of bed after a prayer and started my day full steam ahead.

If I had tried to start my day without having breakfast I would have felt so hungry and weak before too long. But somehow I started my days without feeding my soul, and I did get tired and weak- spiritually. And boy were those days rough!

Through this I have learnt that when my soul is fed on God’s word I am strong enough to face my hectic and not-so- hectic days.

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