The Rainbow Promise

This week in our homeschool we have been looking at God’s Rainbow Promise.


The children listened to the account of the story read from the bible in English and Spanish since that is the second language we are learning.


We discussed God’s promise in regards to the flood, as well as all of God’s promises that we should be thankful for. We listed all of the promises that we knew in the bible and the children mentioned that Jesus promised to come again as one of the promises that they knew!


We talked about how light travels in beams. Light beams are white but the beams are made up of many different colours but we can’t see them. Since we had studied plants last year we had looked at the different colours of leaves and how some appeared purple but they still had the green chlorophyll hiding in them ( Isn’t God awesome?!). Light beams are just like that- they appear white but actually have different colours hiding in them.

When the beams enter the water in the clouds (we looked at how clouds were formed previously) the water droplets caused the light refract or split out (appropriate definition for their ages) into the beautiful colours of the rainbow!

(Be sure to click the links for more explanations or videos about how to do the experiments)

Using a CD

For this one we used both sunlight and a flashlight. The picture if of the rainbow we made at night. We did this one at least 3 nights this week.

image image

Using a glass of water:
You have to make sure to tilt the glass and move it around until the rainbow is formed.


Using spraying water- video
We were supposed to use a hose or spray bottle for this one but while showering the light was coming in through the bathroom window and sure enough it made a rainbow! I turned the shower to a lighter spraying dial and called the children who were so excited to see it.

Liquid rainbow- video
This one the children wanted to do for weeks now after my son read it on one his experiment cards. But since I had this planned as part of school I held off until this week.



The children used pastels to colour rainbows that I had drawn. They used cotton wool for the clouds and decorated with glitter. The one with the least lines is my daughter because she is younger and would not be able to handle all of the lines that my son would. Pastels worked great because they could use their fingers to help smudge the colours from one side to the other.

image image

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