Cleaning Schedule FREE Printable

I posted before about how I had taken on too many commitments and they had disrupted my home life. I stepped away from a lot of things and decided that I needed to find a proper schedule that allowed me to manage my home properly, as well as still be able to do other things. You can read that post here.

A while back I had downloaded a fantastic chore schedule from I did not use it, but thankfully I found it when I was planning my schedule.

Being a homeschooler, it means that the children are home and therefore have more opportunity to make a mess. We can’t  function properly in a messy house. No schooling can get done when there is a mess. So that was the first thing I needed to get a handle on- how to keep a proper cleaning schedule where I wouldn’t feel exhausted at the end.

I went through my home room by room and listed out all of the things that needed to be done. Then I carefully scheduled them so that I wouldn’t be exhausted on any particular day from my cleaning schedule. My schedule is based on the fact that there is a home construction going on next door and we have dust allergies in our family, plus two energetic little ones.

Having two little ones I often get to outsource some things to very energetic and entusiastic little people. They absolutely love wiping the mirrors, closet doors and spraying the lemon oil on the floor for me to mop. Sometimes they will ask to try mopping too. Hopefully their enthusiasm will continue when they have their own shores to do.

Below is the adapted cleaning schedule that I made to help me get organized. Click on the picture to download the free printable Cleaning Schedule.

Cleaning Schedule

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4 Responses to Cleaning Schedule FREE Printable

  1. Lux says:

    This is a great help to organize cleaning time. 🙂 Visiting from Sunday Stillness.

  2. becomingchristinesmith says:

    Great job! I love printables (feel free to visit my site to grab a few from me, too!)

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