I want Jesus to Come Now!

During a recent(ish) earthquake the children I used the situation to talk about trusting in God and the destruction that sin causes. We had 3 earthquakes in that one day and after the last one we went to have our spousal midday worship.

During worship we talked about the earthquake. The children said that they wanted Jesus to come “right this minute and take us to heaven“. I told them that He wasn’t coming just yet but if we believed in Him that when hpHe comes we definitely will be going to heaven with Him. They talked about all of the wonderful things they wanted to do in heaven, like eat lots of icecream. Aren’t children so cute?

They really were excited at the thought of Jesus coming again and this world of suffering and woe being over.

How many of us want Jesus to delay His coming because we have not done certain things yet?

How many of us want to live a little in this life before we commit to living for Him?

Except we be as little children...

Oh the joy that filled my children’s hearts when they thought about Jesus and heaven. That same joy amend more should fill our hearts too as we thing about how it would be to spend eternity with our Lord.

Little children

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