How to Remain Calm When Disciplining

september parenting

Welcome back to another parenting weekend. Today I will be sharing a post about what I do to remain calm when disciplining. You’ll find the complete post at our co-host Grace’s website. You’ll find all of Sundays posts there. And of course, be sure to visit our other co-host Lisa, to see what she has to share.

How to Remain Calm When Disciplining

Parenting is not a straight-forward work. There is no universal mold for a child. There isn’t a universal one for parents either.

But one thing that is for certain though, no matter how easy going or how high maintenance your children are, days will get messy.

Some days there will be screaming bickering, whining, fighting, tantrums. Some days there will be over-tired children who are extremely emotional.

These things are all a part of life- and I can tell you it is NOT a bed of roses (unless you include the rose bush then that would be a more accurate picture).

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Don’t forget our upcoming themes:

October 2015: Raising children to be leaders
As parents we don’t want our children to follow the norms and practices of this world. We want them to think for themselves and to inspire other to do what is right.

November 2015: Parenting a strong-willed child
Parenting is Jo easy business and it often times seems ten times worse when a strong-willed child in thrown into the mix. How do parents of strong-willed children cope? What advice can we share with parents?

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