Preschool Homeschool Week in Review (28 September to 2 October 2015

I have not posted about our homeschool adventure in a while. We are still very much moving along happily in our homeschool journey.

This is what the week looked like for my little one.

The story of Job. We looked at Job’s response to his friends who came to comfort him.

Caves: How stalactites are formed. We looked at various pictures of caves and then began to make our own  cave with stalactites. Look out for a finished cave next week



Number Concepts:
-Less than
-reproducing patterns

Fine motor:
– transferring beads using tweezers
– threading beads

– reading pictures, letters and words from left to right
– learning two-letter sight words

Art and Craft:
Making a window. The children chose their curtains and decide on what scenery we could see through their windows.


~water painting. I could not find a better way to describe it so there we have that name. This first picture we dropped food dye onto a piece of paper and then sprayed it with water.

image5 (1)

In this picture we wet the paper and then dropped the food colour onto it ans watched it spread in the paper



We are working on learning the words to the chorus “Soon and Very Soon” and loud and soft sounds

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