Love Never Gives Up


What if I told you that I had a guy profess his undying love to me and then at the first sign of difficulty he gave up and threw in the towel? Your response to me would be that he never really loved me.

What if I told you that a girl lived all of her childhood following all of the rules. But then in her teenage years she began misbehaving. Her parents spoke to her once and then when she continued to misbehave, they turned their backs on her. I am also certain that you would say that those parents didn’t really love their daughter, or at the very least, the did not understand what love is.

If we think about loving someone we never think of love as turning your back on the person, no matter how bad they are.

It is true that love never gives up on anyone.

When we sinned, God never gave up on humanity. He sent His Son to die for us. Even now, God still does not give up on us. He does not say, “Well see now, I sent my Son to die for you, I sent messages to you so you could turn your life around. Yet you still reject me. I am finished with you!”

No. We are the ones who turn away from him and give up on Him.

Picture our Saviour knocking outside our heart’s door. Picture Him waiting so long that His hair is wet with dew. Picture us shouting at Him…ignoring Him…mocking Him.

Yet He still waits.

That is love. Love that never gives up, even on the worst of sinners!

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