Let Them Lead


Our post today is shared with us by our co-host Grace. Grace is a wife, homeschooling mom, doula, pastor’s kid, and writer. She currently resides in southern Oregon with her husband and three gorgeous children, where they enjoy walks in the woods, wading in the river, reading good books, and attending a diverse and compassionate church.

You can find Grace over at My Divine Blessings where she blogs about special needs, family, pregnancy, christianity and many other things.

Let Them Lead
by Grace

Earlier this week I did a craft with my daughter. It wasn’t my idea, and admittedly I wasn’t terribly excited to do it. But she wanted to, and I went along with it. She told me what she wanted me to create, which materials to use, and how we could divide the work between us to use our individual strengths. If you asked her, she could not have put her actions into those exact words, because she didn’t realize that was what she was doing. But still, that’s what was happening.

True leaders need experience in leading. That means we need to let them lead sometimes. And if we let them lead, we need to give up some of our control.

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