Teaching Kids Leadership Skills Five Learning Activities

In October for our Parenting Weekends we looked at the theme “Raising children to be leaders”. Lisa shared this post fro October, but it was unable to be published with the October Parenting weekend. But with such practical and important advice, how could we miss out on reading this wonderful post from Lisa.

Be sure to check out her blog here as well, to see what wonderful posts she is sharing over there.


 Teaching Kids Leadership Skills

Five Learning Activities

By Lisa Brown



Leaders make wise choices. 

Take a sheet of paper and fold it in half.  On one side write a list with good choices and on the other side write a list for bad choices.

I taught my son to ask himself two questions before he makes a decision to do something.

  1. Would your parents be o.k. with the choice?
  2. Would God be o.k. with the choice?

Don’t do it if your answer is no to either one.


Leaders Make A Difference In The World

Read books about leaders like Martin Luther King, Corrie Ten Boom, Missionaries, Pastors, Teachers, Store Managers,

Help your kids describe different character traits from the leaders in the books you read.


Leaders Must Make Important Decisions

Ask kids to tell you how they would handle a real life scenario.

For older kids you could ask them what they would do if they were in the mountains hiking and one of the hikers hurt themselves.

For little kids you could ask them these three questions

What would you do if you saw a little boy lost in the park and crying for his mom?

What would you do if your friends were mean to another child?

What would you do if you saw a fire?

Leaders Need to Be Trustworthy and Good Communicators.

Have Kids take turns navigating one another through obstacles. While one is blindfolded.  How does a leader keep others stay safe?

Leaders volunteer to help.

Invite your child to help participate in a charity of some sort.

-Food drive

-Visit elderly people

-Pack school back packs for ministries that donate school supplies to students

Encourage your children to plan, organize, invite helpers, and schedule appointments.

Now it’s your turn – What activities do you do with your kids to teach them leadership skills?


(ps. I have back dated this post so that it will be categorized along with the other posts from October parenting Weekend)

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