I have been trying to find a groove with balancing relationships, homeschooling, home management, blogging…you know-life.

I decided to get some things in place like a daily schedule. That schedule is great! But the thing is, I had been working my self so hard for so long that I did not realize how tired I was. Everything was suffering. I was cranky, forgetful, making loads of errors, missing deadlines, not publishing blog posts on time.

Everything was suffering.

Being tired is no joke. But the things that gets us is that when you first start out doing too much things, you don’t always realize how detrimental what you are doing is.

That’s a lot like living in this life of sin. You don’t realize how tiring it is to try to work out things for yourself. You don’t realize how completely exhausting it is to carry your burdens alone.

And the thing is we don’t have to be spiritually exhausted and worn out. There is Someone we can go to that will energize us and revive us. there is Someone that will take our burdens of sin from us so that we don’t have to struggle carrying them.

That Someone is Jesus.

Let us all come to Him today and receive rest to out souls.

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