The Strong-Willed Child (who has special needs)

imageToday, we continue our November Parenting Weekends where we are looking at the topic “Parenting a Strong-willed Child”. Last weekend we had a lovely post by Robin and yesterday I shared with you my experience dealing with my own children.

Today our co-host Grace, shares with us about her experience having a strong-willed special needs child.

The Strong-Willed Child (who has special needs) 

by Grace 

There is a fine line I must walk. My oldest child, now seven years old, is strong-willed. That, in itself, is challenging. But to have learning and behavioral challenges in addition to a strong will only enhances the inflexibility and makes the situation much more explosive than it would otherwise be.

I wish I could say that I’ve figured it all out. I wish I could say that I found “what works”. The truth is, I haven’t. This post is not about answers. It’s about empathy and encouragement.

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