Homeschool Field Trip

Yesterday was the third of our homeschool field trips. We went on a fabulous hike.

We are always blessed to be able to look at nature and remember that the One who made it is a thoughtful, loving, magnificent Creator.

These are just some of the photos of the scenery we saw.

The seasideimage

sargassum seaweed on the beach. We got the stench from the seaweed but only for a few moments before we headed on our way.image

a spider- pity you can’t see how lovely the web looks.image

Cattle on a thousand hills: Most of the children were talking about how brave they were and that they were not afraid of the cows. Some of the women on the hike may have had other thoughts about what would happen if the cows began to run in our direction.image

a wild plant that resembles watermelon: This is the first time that I have ever seen these vines or melons. The children picked so many melons that they had our pockets full of these little fruits. The children sliced some of them open at the end of the hike and the inside is white but looks exactly like a regular watermelon. Currently, there are 5 of these melons in my house.image

We really had a fantastic hike. We all learned so much about different plants and the area we hiked in. We are looking forward to our next hike.

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