Hope for the Parent of a Strong-willed Child


For the month of November we looked at the topic “Parenting a Strong-willed Child“. We had a lot of advice on things that we could do to help us parent better. But also we had people who shared their own experiences with us, including our co-host Grace who shared her experience with her daughter who has special needs.

Through this it this month we hope that anyone dealing with a strong-willed child(ren) would be encouraged to know that you are not alone, and that even thought it is a difficult one, it is not hopeless.

We end off this series by leaving you with some quotes from our writers:

Robin: My mother offered up only one bit of parenting advice, and that was before I had my own two strong-willed children. She said, “You have to be smarter than the kid.”

But how do you outsmart a strong will? Basically, your goal is to get the child’s willing cooperation on the important things. 


TanyaWhen I try to dominate she puts up a fight. When I am gentle and understanding, but maintain my parental control she responds better.

Strong-willed children will not bend to your will. You will either break their wills or have an all out war on your hands. Seeking to understanding their feelings and giving them an opportunity to choose go respond to your instruction is far better than trying to dominate.

RyanDon’t over react, don’t shout, don’t give up in despair just see it as a blessing from God. Strong willed children are leaders because they stand for something while others follow. Train that child with patience, love and determination. See them as God sees them and you will have a leader that will stand up because of your training.

Grace: Having a strong-willed child isn’t easy. Having a child with special needs isn’t easy. Both of them together can be brutal. But remember this:

“You won’t have to lift a hand in this battle; just stand firm […] and watch God’s saving work for you take shape. Don’t be afraid, don’t waver. March out boldly tomorrow – God is with you.” — 2 Chronicles 20:17 (MSG)

Upcoming Events

December 2015: How to raise compassionate children
This world has a lot of pain and suffering. How can we raise our children not only to feel saddened by the pain that others feel, but also to reach out to help others?

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