Raising Compassionate Children



Today is the start of our December Parenting Weekend which will be looking at the topic “How to Raise Compassionate Chidlren”. Before we get into our post I would like to invite you to read all the poss in our pas Parening weekends here.

Be sure to check out our co-host Grace’s website as she she shares her many experiences as a chrisian mother to twon wonderful children, including one with special needs.

What is compassion?

Compassion is feeling pity and sadness for someone who is suffering some misfortune and wishing to help that person.


This world I filled with suffering and pain. Sometimes we see others who are facing some misfortune and it seems like we take no genuine notice, because it does not directly affect us.

On the playground, children fall and get hurt. Sometimes the other children carry on as usually taking no notice to the other child who is hurt.

How do we as parents raise children to feel sympathy for others when they are hurt. How do we raise them to want to help others?

Join us this month at God’s Character and My Divine Blessings, as we look at the topic of raising compassionate children.

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