Raising Children Who Care


Today we continue our topic for our Parenting Weekends, co-hosted by God’s Character and My Divine Bessings. Out topic for the month is “How yo Taise Compassionate Children.” todY Ryan shares with us in this topic.  Ryan is a husband, and father who loves God and desires to serve Him. He loves working with youth and sharing God’s love to everyone he meets.



By Ryan

In order to raise children to be compassionate we must firstasleep ourselves, “Do I know what compassion is? What does compassion mean to me?”

For some people compassion means giving to those in need. To others it means feeling sad for those in a bad state or worse off than we are. Is that really compassion? Dictionary.com says it is “a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering.” In order to raise compassionate children we must know our children by being with them. Then we can influence them for good.

To encourage our children to be compassionate we must model the behavior to our children. Children can spot a pretense a mile away and that has no influence with them. However, if the parents are compassionate they will make it easy for their children to be the same. I must make the effort to be other centered and to look out for the needs of my fellow men that I can relieve. My children will almost always catch that spirit if it is real.

Affitionally, I can create opportunities for my children to see the needs of their peers and others less fortunate. Volunteering  at centers for the disabled, donating food to food drives, giving to Redcross personalle on the streets etc; all of these will generate discussion in the child’s mind where they want to know how their peers and fellow men came into such a condition. Open to their understanding that in our world some are not so well off and God moves on hearts to care for them and love them. Teach them that God’s love creates the compassion in our hearts for other so we look not to the things of ourselves or a select group but to the things of others.

Help them to understand that God had compassion on us in our sins and alleviated our problems in Christ. With His love in our hearts we can do the same for others. By a life of genuine compassion by the parents, opportunities to be compassionate for the children and the teaching that God puts the compassion in our hearts and we pray and receive it our children cannot but be compassionate.


Next year we will be doing things a bit differently for our Parenting Weekends. Look out for more information about the new topics and new format of our Parenting Weekends.


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