Changing up our Homeschool


When I first envisioned our homeschool experience, I pictured spending time with my children, them experiencing the joys of life and sharing the love of God with others. I envisioned our family serving others.

When we began, I did a lot of speaking and communicating activities. We did a lot of scripture memorization and retelling bible stories. We also did a lot of singing and making crafts for others.

This year, I have noticed that I have gone away from that. My children are learning very well but I noticed that I have lost the focus on communicating, serving and ministering to others.

So, I have decided to revamp our homeschool.

We are going back to how it was before, but with a better understanding, greater commitment and dedication on my part. Children do love serving and giving and making others feel happy. I remember the joy my son had when he would make things and give to others at church or in the neighbourhood. I want to see that again. Recently I saw the excitement both children had for serving others when we went to do a community outreach program. I was taken back by their love for others and for sharing God’s love. I want to see that all the time! I am inspired by it and blessed but it.

We most definitely are not ditching academics- that is very important as well. I truly believe you can have both great academics and a solid Christian education. They are not mutually exclusive. I mean, were not some of the greatest minds also the most devoted Christians?

2016 will not only be the start of our new school year, but the start of our revamped homeschool experience. I am really looking forward to it.

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